Elkhart approves plans for two new public safety facilities

ELKHART, Ind. -- The Elkhart Common Council voted six to two on Monday to approve the construction of two new public safety buildings for the city.

One proposed site will serve as the headquarters for the Elkhart Police Department and the Elkhart 911 Communications Center. The other proposed site will be used as a training and storage facility.

Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson agrees that the city’s public safety facilities need these upgrades to provide improved levels of police service to citizens.

“I have said from day one that my administration will place unparalleled service to the people of Elkhart at the top of our priority list. This police department is striving to provide that level of service despite the current conditions of their offices. When this building was constructed nearly 50 years ago, the EPD of 2022 could not have been imagined,” said Mayor Roberson.

These new facilities will ensure adequate workspace conditions for public safety employees in the future.

The locations for these new facilities is still under discussion.

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