Elkhart cancer patient attends Oscars

ELKHART, Ind. -- Vicki Lehman has been battling colon cancer for 10 years.  She is a part of an organization called YES! that provides information and support to anyone battling cancer.  It was through this organization that she got to go to Los Angeles for the Oscars with her daughter.  

"When I go on these trips, I'm cancer free," says Lehman.  

While in Los Angeles, Lehman and her daughter were given the royal treatment, including professional makeup and even an evening gown.  

And just for that weekend, Lehman says she didn't have to worry about battling cancer.  

"Because when I'm at home, I'm defined by cancer, definitely defined. There's always a scan, there's always blood work, some kind of treatment, it's always on my calendar," says Lehman.  

So when an opportunity like the Oscars comes her way, she says it keeps her going.

"It really keeps me going, my grandkids need me, my kids need me, so it just gives me the encouragement to keep on going," says Lehman.  

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