Elkhart car thieves caught on homeowner's surveillance camera

NOW: Elkhart car thieves caught on homeowner’s surveillance camera

ELKHART, Ind.-- An Elkhart home was struck by car thieves—not once—but twice!

The homeowners caught it all on camera.

Now one woman is asking for the help of the community to find the two suspects you see in the video above and bring them to justice.

“We are up throughout the night, up every few hours, checking up on things. It’s changed the way we live. It’s horrible, we hate it." said Amy Schuler, the victim of the car theft. 

The first time, they broke into her car, thieves stole everything from inside. This time around, it was the car altogether.

“It’s taking away our peace of mind. This isn’t the first time. This happened back in October, we lost everything in our truck," said Schuler.

Schuler says because of all the previous thefts, she’s had to amp up her security.

In the video above, captured by Schuler’s surveillance camera, you can see the suspects leave a vehicle they stole earlier that night then break into her car. 

They then drove across state lines into Michigan, but didn’t get very far.

Police found the car abandoned and stuck in mud between two homes on Chapel Hill Street with some of the loot they stole that night.

“Neighbors credit cars, a lady’s wallet. A lot of stuff they’ve stolen throughout the night. They left a meth pipe in our car," said Schuler.

Now the spike in thefts have neighbors on edge.

“Patrolling, people are looking through their windows, checking things, stopping people and asking if they belong in the neighborhood or not.”

Leaving neighbors to amp up their personal security.

“This is the first time in 38 years that we’ve had to put in a home security system," said neighbor, Terri Wilson. 

Now they're saying vehicle break-ins in the area aren’t uncommon anymore.

“Three or four people in Aqua, Channel Court, Lunar, had their cars broken into about two weeks ago," said neighbor Susie Alice.

According to Elkhart County’s last updated crime map, there have been about six car thefts in the area since October. That number doesn't account for the number of break-ins. That map also doesn’t include Schuler's theft, so its expected to be higher.

“I think we need more officers. I really do. I think they’re overwhelmed that there's so much crime in the area. Its sad," said Schuler.

The two suspects are yet to be found. Police suspect the pair to be one woman and a man. 

They're asking anyone with information to contact the Elkhart County Sheriff's Office. 

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