Elkhart city leaders discuss police reform and race relations

NOW: Elkhart city leaders discuss police reform and race relations


ELKHART, Ind.--- The Elkhart County League of Women Voters held a town hall on Thursday night. Mayor Rod Roberson and members of the Elkhart Police Department, including Chief Kris Seymore participated in the discussion.

"These conversations are important to have and if we don’t have them we can’t come to an agreement or solution," said Curbiee Coleman, an Elkhart resident.

The panel answered questions about bias, police funding, and use of force during the 90 minute discussion.

"These are the types of difficult conversations we have to have in order to get results," said Coleman.

City leaders also provided updates on structural changes to the department as well as gave context to some of the issues officers face on a daily basis. 

"The public doesn’t really know what goes into law enforcement, and a lot of departments don’t share as much as I think that they should let the public know but I think they did a good job tonight," said Adrian Riley, an Elkhart resident. 

One of the solutions proposed by law enforcement and city leaders was having officers more involved in the community.

"I actually agree with Chief Seymore’s one conversation at a time," said Riley. "Really getting into the community more not to police it per say but to just interact."

People in attendance were also given voter registration information for the November election. 

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