Elkhart Common Council set to discuss resolution supporting Rio's Rainbow

NOW: Elkhart Common Council set to discuss resolution supporting Rio’s Rainbow

ELKHART, Ind. -- On Monday, April 4, the Elkhart Common Council will meet to consider Resolution 22-R-15.

The resolution is in recognition of the untimely death of Rio Allred, a 12-year-old Elkhart 7th grader, and affirms the City’s stance against bullying.

The organization, Rio’s Rainbow, aims to work on bully prevention and provide support for victims.

“It is unbelievably tragic that we are talking about the legacy of a 12-year-old child. We should never have to bury our children,” said Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson. “Rio’s family is a strong unit and they are committed to carrying on her memory for the betterment of all children here in Elkhart. They know it’s what Rio would have wanted and we are in awe of their composure and determination during this incredibly difficult time. I thank the Council for their consideration of this resolution of support that will show Rio’s family and the entire Elkhart community that this city will preserve Rio’s memory by standing behind Rio’s Rainbow.”

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