Elkhart community returning to normalcy

ELKHART, Ind. --  Four days have passed since the shooting at a Martin's in Elkhart that killed 22-year old Krystle Dikes, and 44-year old Rachelle Godfread.  Now members of the Elkhart community are trying to return to normal.

“There is some trepidation and some fear but I believe that the faith of the community can overcome those things," says Deacon James Fuchs of Saint Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church.  "We will move on and be there for one another.”

Members gathered Sunday for morning mass at Saint Thomas the Apostle Church which is just down the street from the Martins Supermarket where the shooting happened.

“One of the intentions was specifically for the victims and for their families,” says Emma Coates of Elkhart.

Coates and her friends say that the way the Elkhart community has reacted makes them proud.

“Even in the face of this horrible tragedy we are not just completely shutting down,” says Coates.

Tim Dibley attended mass Sunday with his entire family.  He says he worries for his family and friends, but he knows the people around him will stand strong.

“It’s scary that it can happen in your community, you always think about it someplace else, it’s scary when it hits this close to home," says Dibley.  "It seems like everyone is coming together as a community, not just in the church community, but the entire community coming together and pulling together for the families of the victims as well as the shooter.”

Members of Saint Thomas say that when left broken, it is important to stay together as a community.

“The families, the victims, have all been in our thoughts and our prayers.  We just can’t believe it can happen in this town, if it could happen in this town, it could happen in any town," says Dody Broderick of Elkhart.  "So our thoughts and prayers are with all of the families that is affected by this.”

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