Elkhart Community Schools hire new athletic coordinator

Elkhart Community Schools

ELKHART, Ind. -- Elkhart Community Schools announced June 18, the appointment of Shaun McAllister as their new athletics coordinator, who will oversee the district's elementary athletics program.

“I am honored to have the opportunity to serve Elkhart student-athletes in this capacity, and continue the foundation set by Travon Curry over the past few years," states McAllister. " In this role, I plan to help create an environment that cultivates growth and development among our student-athletes and coaches from elementary through high school, with a specific emphasis on unifying fundamental skills, teamwork, and ultimately learning a true love for the game. Born, raised, and being an Elkhart student-athlete myself, I cannot imagine being anywhere but here."

“She comes to us with a wealth of experience including as an athlete in multiple sports, as an elementary teacher, as a coach ranging from elementary through college athletics, and as an athletic administrator at the collegiate level. We are confident that her connection to the Elkhart community and her knowledge and familiarity with successfully managing athletic programs will serve her well in this new role," shares Elkhart High School Principal Cary Anderson. 

In addition to McAllister's appointment, the upcoming 2024-2025 school year also notes another milestone, with the launch of their character education program. The program's design is to nurture the skills of young athletics with lessons in positive self-talk, effective communication with coaches and teammates, and learning how to handle adversity in sports. 

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