Elkhart Community Schools will hire permanent substitute teachers

Elkhart Community Schools is looking for new employees. A director with the school district says the district will be hiring permanent substitute teachers soon.
This is a need Cheryl Waggoner, director of talent recruitment and management for Elkhart schools noticed last year. 

“There could be a possibility of a teacher being absent and us not having the substitute to fill that,” says Waggoner. 

Soon Waggoner will be posting positions for permanent substitute teachers.

“You have to have at least 48 credit hours to in order to be a substitute teacher,” says Waggoner.
Currently the district has a little over 200 substitutes and they will be the first to fill in when a teacher is absent. 

For some schools this is not enough and that is where the permanent substitutes will come in hand.
“We are trying to identify where that greatest need is so we can know that we have a backup in that building on any given day,” says Waggoner.
Waggoner says by the end of the month she will have a better idea of how many permanent substitutes are needed for the district but first she has to determine where they will go. 

“Not for every building but just for those with the greatest need,” says Waggoner. 
When the permanent subs are not needed as subs they will have other responsibilities around the school. 
More info on the permanent substitute position can be found here

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