Elkhart company fined by IOSHA for serious violations

ELKHART, Ind. --- The Department of Labor fined an Elkhart based company for several violations that put workers in serious danger.

Forest River, Inc. has been fined by IOSHA twice this year.

The latest safety inspection at the company’s facility in Goshen revealed the following violations:

• Employees were exposed to fall from heights due to unguarded sides of what employer refers to as a scaffold system.

• Exit routes were blocked by debris, a step ladder and other material.

• Employees didn’t have a properly mounted fire extinguish where signage indicated.

• Fire extinguisher wasn’t fully charged.

• Employees using the drill press were exposed to point of operation hazards due to unguarded rotating parts.

• Employees using a table saw were exposed to point of operation due to broken guards covering the saw blades.

• Employees using a table saw were exposed to fire hazards from overloading temporary cording.

• Employees were exposed to fire hazards and/or electrical shock form damaged temporary cording.

The company must pay $18,400 in fines by October 17.

Take a look at both reports here.

The Department of Labor said safety inspections are done when a report has been filedwith their office. An overall inspection is performed after the report is filed.

ABC 57 News reached out to Forest River, Inc. for a comment and left a message with upper management.

The Department of Labor said with inspections similar to these two  it is highly unlikely the violations were intentional. The department does these inspections to remind companies that employee safety should be a top priority.

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