Voters in Elkhart County vote in municipal races amid election confusion

Voters on Election Day 2019 in Elkhart County

ELKHART, Ind.—Elections across Elkhart County on November 5 will decide who will sit on Elkhart and Goshen’s respective common councils.

Races in both Millersburg and Bristol also brought voters out to the polls.

Elkhart County Clerk Christopher Anderson said early Tuesday that several voting centers in the county were reporting confusion “as the result of the constant national debates that are on TV.”

Anderson reiterated that the November 5, 2019 elections were municipal elections, not national elections.

Below are the candidates running for various municipal offices in Elkhart County. Click here for election results

Elkhart Common Council races

Elkhart Common Council District 1

  • Gerry Roberts (D)
  • Richard Shively (R)

Elkhart Common Council District 2

  • Andrew Strycker (D)
  • Brian A. Thomas (R)

Elkhart Common Council District 6

  • Tonda Hines (D)
  • Pam Kurpgeweit (R)

Elkhart Common Council At-Large

  • Thomas Butler (D)
  • Arvis L. Dawson (D)
  • Alex Holtz (D)
  • Kevin Bullard (R)
  • Brian Dickerson (R)
  • Mary M. Olson (R)

Municipal elections in Goshen

Goshen City Clerk-Treasurer

  • Adam C. Scharf (D)
  • Angie McKee (R)

Goshen Common Council District 2

  • Jonathan D. Neufeld (D)
  • Douglas Nisley (R)

Goshen Common Council District 3

  • Jennifer E. Shell (D)
  • Matt P. Schrock (R)
  • Rafael Correa (I)

Goshen Common Council District 4

  • Megan W. Eichorn (D)
  • Mark A. Huser (R)

Goshen Common Council At-Large

  • Julia King (D)
  • Brett F. Weddell (R)
  • Charles D. Mumaw (D)
  • David B. Daugherty (R)

Other municipal elections in Elkhart County

Bristol Town Clerk-Treasurer

  • Bonnie Frye (R)
  • Cathy Antonelli (D)

Millersburg Town Council Ward 2

  • Austin Turner (R)
  • James W. Clifton (A)
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