Elkhart County Health Department rolls out vaccine distribution plan

NOW: Elkhart County Health Department rolls out vaccine distribution plan


ELKHART, Ind. --- Residents have had to stay patient while waiting for the Covid vaccine to reach Elkhart County. That wait is now coming to an end as, the county health department Tuesday, discussed their vaccine rollout plan in a virtual roundtable discussion. 

“We have 200,000 people in our county and the health department ourselves only got 1,000 vaccines for the first round. So we still have a ton of work to do,” said Elkhart County Health Officer Dr. Bethany Wait. 

Dr. Wait, the county's brand new health officer, says the goal with the county's vaccination plan is to get out of the red. 

“If we drop down to the yellow category, which would be under 15%, we would be able to have gatherings of 50 people or greater, and with each down step of restrictions we can add another 25 people,” said Dr. Wait. 

With officials saying, they hope to ramp up administration next week, at a handful of locations. 

“There’s three sites. There is Goshen Hospital, Elkhart General, and here at the health department and anybody is welcome at any of those spots and you will choose that when you register,” said Dr. Wait. 

The plan is to immunize those in the 60-80 age group, then the general population as more doses become available. 

Doctor Wait says, the problem of not having enough vaccines for everyone right away is not unique to Elkhart County.  

“It’s so easy to think this is just an Elkhart County problem, or just a United States problem, but it’s a world problem at this point in time,” said Dr. Wait. 

And what about folks, who may get let out?

They aren't informed about what's going on, and they don't have the access to technology so they can register for the shot. 

The health department says the responsibility is on the county, to reach them, and help.

“Come to their community, vaccinate their community, and while not everyone is going to be willing to get the vaccine, at least we catch a few here or there,” said Dr. Wait.  

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