Elkhart County issues mask mandate as COVID-19 positive cases rise

NOW: Elkhart County issues mask mandate as COVID-19 positive cases rise


ELKHART COUNTY--- The Elkhart County Health Department issued a mandate to require residents to wear masks in public. The mandate comes as the county continues to see its number of positive Coronavirus cases rise.

“Indoor, outdoor spaces with people that you don’t live with, that would people that would be outside of your immediate household where that distancing might be maintained, a mask must be worn,” said Corinne Straight-Reed, Mayor Roberson’s Director of Communications.

“We’re still above the rest of the state, in general, when it comes to the number of cases we’re reporting on a daily basis,” said Dr. Michelle Bache, Vice President of Medical Affairs for Elkhart General Hospital.

To date, there are 3003 positive cases of Coronavirus in Elkhart County that have been linked to 42 deaths.

Some Elkhart residents say they are relieved to see the mask mandate.

“I just get discouraged when I see people without their masks on when their out around people,” said Norma Vaughn who lives in Elkhart County. “I can be out around people without them as long as I stay away back from them.”

Officials in Elkhart County say they’re hoping this mandate will flatten the curb of positive cases, especially as Independence Day approaches.

“This virus will be grateful for any type of opportunity to transmit and these types of gatherings where people aren’t distancing and aren’t masked is exactly what that virus is looking for,” said Straight-Reed.

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