Elkhart County moves to lowest Covid metric category

NOW: Elkhart County moves to lowest Covid metric category


ELKHART, Ind.--- Elkhart County joined 38 other counties across the state in the "blue" category on Indiana Covid metrics map. Elkhart's positivity rate no sits at 4.69 percent which is nearly a 25 percent decrease from it's peak of 28.7 percent in April.

According to the latest numbers from the state health Department, Elkhart has added 31 new positive Covid cases with no Covid related deaths.Business owners in the County say the latest numbers point to the resilience of a County that was once considered a Covid hot spot. 

"I think everybody took it very seriously," said Troy Deshona, Owner of Heinne's in Elkhart. "At first nobody knew what was going on but they took the recommendations."

Being in the "blue" category means gatherings can increase to 250 people as long as the building doesn't exceed its capacity. Special gatherings can have more than 250 people if clear Covid plans are submitted.

Elkhart must remain in the "blue" category for two weeks before restrictions can be lifted. 

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