Elkhart County prepared for snow showers in March

NOW: Elkhart County prepared for snow showers in March


Drivers and law enforcement are advising drivers, to not take a small snowfall lightly and urging them to slow down. The Elkhart mayor’s office says the city received 50,000 tons of salt on Thursday, so lack of salt isn’t the problem here.

As of 1 p.m. on Monday, all of the street department trucks were out working, and Captain James Bradberry, at the Elkhart County Sheriff’s Department, says during the morning commuting hours there was an influx of crashes.

“During the morning hours before driving to work, 5:30 to 8:30 a.m., we had close to 50 different crashes. That’s property damages, vehicles in ditches, personal injury crashes,” said Captain Bradberry.

Michiana families woke up to a steady snow during the second week of March. Captain Bradberry says it’s time to remind drivers on what to do to stay safe, especially during this transitional weather month.

“First thing is mental preparation. Take advantage of the easier things by listening to weather forecast,” he said.

According to Bradberry, Sunday night Elkhart residents were warned about a winter storm heading their way, yet this morning many drivers were still driving way too fast.

We look at the conditions, when it’s a snow and ice mix like this morning it’s going to be better for a driver to slow down.”

And that’s what Tambra Schriner says drivers need to do, slow down. Schriner was one of those drivers commuting to work early this morning. Fortunately, she wasn’t involved in an accident but saw multiple incidents. 

“When I left for work there were like numerous slides and crashes coming off 19 and people are just going too fast, they’re just going too fast,” said Schriner.

Both Schriner and Captain Bradberry say it’s best for driver to take their time from point A to point B because it’s a risk not worth taking.

“Slow down, slow down and watch your road and watch who’s driving with you,” said Schriner.

“Slow down, when you’re following behind people allow enough distance if you have to stop or if they crash in front of you, you have time to slow down so you don’t become part of that problem,” added Captain Bradberry.

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