Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers on his way out after 8 years

NOW: Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers on his way out after 8 years

ELKHART, Ind. -- Elkhart County Sheriff Brad Rogers is on his way out after 8 years.

Although he’s leaving the position of sheriff, he’s going to continue to work for the Elkhart County police and that’s something no other exiting sheriff has done before.

In 2019, he’ll be the new jail commander in Elkhart County butt leaving his post as sheriff is something he’s calling bittersweet.

“It’s been the best job I’ve ever had,” Ro

When Sheriff Rogers joined the Elkhart Sheriff’s Department 32 years ago, he never dreamed fellow officers would call him “sheriff.”

“I’ve enjoyed immensely being sheriff and probably if I could run a third term I would have,” Rogers said.

Connecting with the people of Elkhart County and representing what he calls an amazing group of officers has been a treat. That’s why he’s choosing to stay.

 “So on January 1st, I’ll become the corrections captain or commander and oversee this division.”

In his 8 years as sheriff, he’s most proud of this Triple Crown Award.

“The best thing I think we’ve done, accomplishment wise, involves our accreditation,” Rogers said. “There’s no other sheriff’s department or police department in Indiana that has this award.”

Leaving his sheriff title behind Rogers said is bittersweet.

“Even though you know the day is coming that’s the bitter part,” Rogers said. “The sweet part is that I’m still going to be serving here and I get to serve another sheriff.”

He hopes soon-to-be sheriff Jeff Seigel will just continue to uphold the police department to a high standard.

“We can train people to handcuff and to shoot firearms and stuff like that,” Rogers said. “We need people with good character. That’s what we’ve focused on in the last 8 years and that’s what i hope he’ll continue to focus on in the next few years.”

Sheriff Rogers is still the acting sheriff here until 11:59 Dec. 31. Jan. 1 at 12 a.m. is when they’ll officially be a new sheriff in town.

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