Elkhart County Sheriff's Department using Facebook to fight crime

The tools police are using to solve crimes are shifting to adapt to modern times.

The Elkhart County Sheriff's Department is using social media to get the community involved in their fight against crime.

Officers post videos in real time to their Facebook page of investigations they have going on.

Whether they're on the scene of a car crash or they're investigating a home burglary, the information is there for the public to see on the department's Facebook page.

Captain Jim Bradberry says this is not only a form of transparency; it's a call to action to help officers find answers and solve crimes.

“We want to reach people where we can,” says Captain Bradberry. “We need that extra help from people to help inform us on what's happening in their areas.”

On the department's Facebook page, officers get up close and personal at some of the crime scenes.

Although, major crimes are still treated with discretion.

“We're not going to release things that are kind of shocking to the conscious,” says Captain Bradberry. “People are innocent until proven guilty and you can't put somebody's picture out there without a reason to do that.”

No matter the method, the goal is the same for the Elkhart County Sheriff's Department.

“It's a quicker means of communication,” says Bradberry.

A quicker way to get the right information out there so everyone is coming together to be on the right side of the law.

“We're trying to help the community solve these crimes,” says Captain Bradberry.

The Elkhart County Sheriff's Department also has a free app for both iPhone and Android that allows you to submit a tip.

While the app is useful, Captain Bradberry says it does not replace 9-1-1.

Download the app, here.

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