Elkhart County unveils new brand at 'The Big Event'

NOW: Elkhart County unveils new brand at ’The Big Event’

ELKHART, Ind. ---  A new Elkhart County brand was announced at the “The Big Event” at the Lerner Theatre Wednesday.

Well Crafted is the new brand.

Leaders with the Vibrant Communities organization said they’re hoping the brand reignites why Elkhart County is a great place to live, work, and invest.

“We have been in movement to make sure everybody loves Elkhart County,” Suzie Weirick said, a co-chair for Vibrant Communities. “This new brand is a way to bring us together and reimagine us and reinvent us in a way we haven’t explicitly said but we’ve always known.”

Weirick said they want to remind people whether they’re thinking of getting a new job, opening a business, or just going out for a nice dinner, that they don’t have to look far.

Peter Kageyama, “The Big Event” keynote speaker and author of For the Love of Cities, is encouraging just taking a step back and loving your city.

“Appreciating the great local restaurants, the great entrepreneurs, the local brew pubs, the local retailers, stuff that you can’t get any other place,” Kageyama said. “There’s nothing wrong chain restaurants. But no one has ever come to a place and been like you know I loved Elkhart because of this great chain restaurant. No, we go there because we had a great experience at a local place.”

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