Elkhart county voters receiving text message scam

GOSHEN, Ind.- Early voters across Elkhart County received text messages from unknown numbers with the following message: 

"This is President Trump. Your early vote has not been recorded on Indiana's roster. I need you to vote GOP. Confirm your polling place."

Elkhart voter outreach coordinator, Kelsey McClure said she wants residents to know these texts are a scam.

"If you receive these texts, don't click on the link or give any personal information," said McClure.

Elkhart Clerk of Court and Election Administrator, Christopher Anderson, said scams like this one only cause distrust in the election system.

“These text messages, in all reality, the only thing it does is to continue fostering the distrust a voter may have in how the election board conducts the business of running the election in a particular county. We do not want that to continue. We run the election as I said, in a bipartisan, no partisan fashion for every registered voter in the county.”

St. Joseph and Marshall Counties so far said, they too, are experiencing this issue.

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