Elkhart county working to solve homicides

NOW: Elkhart county working to solve homicides


ELKHART, Ind.- There have been six homicides in Elkhart this year alone so far, surpassing last year's four homicides. 

It's still an improvement from the 15 homicides in 2016. 

The Elkhart County Homicide unit brought together multiple departments across the county together, pooling together resources and man power.

They've seen homicide rates almost cut in half since 2016 but they tells us multiple factors contribute to this. 

Prosecuting Attorney of Elkhart County, Vicki Becker, said a new network of communication, updates in technology, social media, and above all, cooperation, contributes to the current success of the Elkhart County Police Department Homicide Unit.

“The biggest factor is cooperation. The work ethic of the entire team as well as the other aspects of the other law enforcement that we work with is off the charts. Everyone wants to help because everyone wants to get the case solved," said Prosecutor Becker.

Neighbor of the recent homicide victim, 34-year-old pregnant mother of six Danielle Robinson, said he feels the police could be doing even more. He wants to remain nameless because he fears for his safety. 

Elkhart Police Department Commander Mark Daggy said the unit is committed to giving the people of Elkhart County their best. 

“We’ve got investigators in the unit. They’re not just put there they want to be there. They want to solve it. They’re competitive. The people of Elkhart county are going to get the best product. They’re going to get the best product for them," said Commander Daggy.

Two of the six homicide suspects this year have been arrested so far.

The Unit is asking if you know any information on any of those crimes to contact Elkhart County Homicide Unit. 

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