Elkhart family wakes up to three cars and home on fire

NOW: Elkhart family wakes up to three cars and home on fire

ELKHART, Ind.-- An Elkhart family wakes up to three vehicles in flames outside their home and investigators are looking into the possibility of arson.

"It was like a little 22 going off, a little pop," said a concerned neighbor who wants to withhold her identity. "When i woke up I could see all the flashing lights outside. I went to the front door and said oh my gosh my neighbors house is on fire! I couldn’t believe what i was seeing.”

What she saw was her neighbors cars and home up in flames.

Family tells ABC 57 they woke up to an explosion that came from the original car.

The flames then jumped to two cars parked directly next to it.

The fire eventually reached the front of the home before firefighters arrived.

All of this happening with family in the home.

“If they hadn’t woken up, or my other in law hadn’t heard something going on and called 9-1-1, what could’ve happened? Somebody could’ve died. This is very serious," said neighbor Jennifer Linville. 

The Elkhart County Sheriffs Office believes it was arson.

The family tells ABC 57 they witnessed a suspect drive away in what they describe to be an older black SUV, but not before dropping a gas can.

“You hear about robberies, you hear about someone breaking into a car, minor stuff. When someone comes and deliberately throws gasoline on your vehicle? That’s a big problem."

Right now, the Elkhart County Sheriffs Office says since the incident is under investigation, they won’t be sharing any additional information at this time.

With no knowledge of any potential suspects neighbors are left to take matters into their own hands.

“It’s too close to home and somebody needs to be doing something. More neighborhood people need to be keeping an eye out, more external cameras, anything that can help because the crime is not getting any better.”

Deputies are still investigating and are urging anyone with any information about what happened to contact the Elkhart County Sheriffs Office.

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