Elkhart finalizes River District revitalization plan

NOW: Elkhart finalizes River District revitalization plan


ELKHART, Ind. - Elkhart's River District is well on its way to becoming a destination to work and live. The city planning team presented its final plan to a packed house at the Lerner Theater Thursday night.

“We not only want people to come here and work, which is occurring, but we want them to stay here and become full-time residents," said Elkhart Mayor Tim Neese.

Right now, 28,000 people who come to the city to work leave to go home.

“It being a place for people to work is dominating the conversation, because there aren’t enough places for people to live, so we just need enough houses or housing to match the jobs, and it will be a much more vibrant place," said the city planner for Elkhart's project, Jeff Speck.

After a two-year, $200 million process, Speck and his team have finalized the River District revitalization plan.

One of the projects the city is hoping will attract more people is the Aquatics Center, which is being built near the intersection of Elkhart Avenue and East Jackson Boulevard for $69.5 million.

A short walk away, crews have also started construction on the Stonewater at the Riverwalk apartment complex, which will have 206 units available to rent come May 2019.

being built right in this vicinity for $69.5 million. And if I walk across the map here, there’s another one under construction. Stonewater at the Riverwalk, which will have 206 units available to rent.”

“It’s kind of overwhelming. There’s a lot more going on than I even thought. We live down over East Jackson, and now we’re finding out all those apartments, and it’s going to be beautiful," said lifelong Elkhart resident, Vicki Hart.

It's also going to be walkable, which the team says is the key to today's workforce wanting to take the same streets to their jobs as they do home.

For many more details about each phase of the plan, click here.

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