Elkhart homes, car damaged on West Wolf Avenue after shots fired

ELKHART, Ind. --- Two Elkhart homes and a car were damaged by gunfire on September 13 according to the Elkhart Police Department.

The victim reported to police that at 8:48 p.m. on Sunday, an unknown person fired a gun at her home in the 700 block of West Wolf.

There was damage found to the home on the rear wall and a second home on the same street also had damage to its side wall, according to the crime scene technician.

A car in the alley in the 700 block of 7th Street was also damaged.

No injuries were reported in the incident, but it did come as a surprise to some neighbors who say it is generally a quiet neighborhood.

“It’s a little scary because I mean, I have a little brother and I don’t want him to get hurt,” neighbor Jessica Delgado said.

Delgado was at home during the incident and said she heard about a dozen gunshots fired just across the street from her home.

Police have yet to confirm just how many shots were fired.

Police also located shell casings in an alley near the home.

One woman rushed over to check on her elderly sister, who lives just a few houses down from where shots were fired.

“This is very, very senseless…very senseless,” Elkhart resident Janice Coleman said. “They’re usually quiet. This neighborhood is usually just real quiet and just yesterday it’s just like oh…I just pray it doesn’t happen anymore.”

Coleman’s sister has lived in the neighborhood on Wolf St. for more than 10 years.

“Kind of terrified me because my sister’s at home by herself,” Coleman said. “She’s a senior citizen at home by herself.”

Coleman described the neighborhood as quiet and friendly, which is why the incident came as such a surprise.

“We do a lot of things within the neighborhood and that’s why it was so shocking to me when they said get over here because we all…all of us just pitch in and put tables out here and cook and just share together and unite together,” Coleman said. “It was just all of a sudden, wow.”

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