Elkhart Humane Society set to open new facility

Photo Credit: Elkhart Humane Society Facebook Page

BRISTOL, Ind. -- The Humane Society of Elkhart County has announced the opening of their new facility.

Construction of the facility began in October of 2016 and ended this month.

The new facility is already opening and operating at the same address as the old facility on County Road 19 in Bristol.

Executive Director, Anne Reel stated "The shelter team is excited about the new location and its capacity to better serve the overall needs of the thousands of animals received each year. Last year the Humane Society admitted over 4,400 animals which included 53 different species. Our old facility created challenges which heightened stress levels and behavioral issues as well as recuperation success when dealing with illnesses and injuries.”

The new facility will feature a clinic that will serve future shelter animals and will provide extensive education opportunities for veterinarian interns.

Co-Char, Kim Welch says "We really want this facility to be a place of learning and are excited about being able to fully serve our animals while training other vet interns about shelter medicine."

With the availability of a clinic, the Humane Society has hired Doctor Kari Kryder as the shelter's veterinarian.

Reel says "Kryder has a wealth of knowledge in shelter medicine and has been serving as an advisor to the shelter for the past two years. She will not be providing service to the public as her time will need to be fully devoted to the thousands of animals that enter this shelter."

Lana Davis, another Co-Chair for the capital campaign is not done pushing for more community contribution, saying "We are thankful to all those who have supported this effort thus far and encourage the community to continue to contribute. We are at 92% of our goal and still need help in reaching that 100% mark! Those who have been at the old facility and who will come to visit the new shelter will easily understand what a difference this will make for our community.”

The shelter will hold an open house for the public on November 5th from 2:00 p.m. until 4 p.m.

For more information about contributing or the open house, visit the shelter’s website at www.elkharthumanesociety.org or call 574-848-4225.

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