Elkhart man sentenced in Michigan for home invasion

CASS COUNTY, Mich. -- A defendant involved in a home invasion on Ashton Road in Edwardsburg on April 9 has been sentenced.

Deon Goodwin was convicted during a bench trial on July 8, 2014 of conspiracy to commit second degree home invasion and home invasion in the second degree.

He was sentenced to 2 to 15 years in prison.

Paris Banks was found guilty of conspiracy to commit second degree home invasion, home invasion in the second degree and obstruction by disguise. He will be sentenced on August 15.

Robert Goodwin, Deon's cousin, pleaded guilty on July 25 to conspiracy to commit second degree home invasion and attempted 2nd degree home invasion. He will be sentence August 15.

On April 9, a man came home late in the morning and found three men walking out from behind his home. They ran to a red Mitsubishi SUV in his driveway.

They told the homeowner they needed directions to South Bend.

Suspicious, the homeowner contacted police and followed the men until he lost them.

The homeowner returned home to find his back door was smashed open and several doors inside were open, although they had been closed earlier.

Cass County Sheriff's deputies and the Edwardsburg-Ontwa Township Police Department located the red Mitsubishi abandoned and out of gas at a home on Adamsville Road.

The three men were located in a nearby corn field and arrested.

Deon Goodwin denied being part of the home invasion or having anything to do with the red SUV.

He gave three different stories to investigators when questioned.

Inside the Mitsubishi, investigators found Deon Goodwin's debit card and cell phone and a selfie on the phone.

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