Elkhart mayor holds virtual town hall

ELKHART, Ind.--- Elkhart Mayor Rod Roberson held a virtual town hall on Wednesday. The mayor was joined by Police Chief Chris Synder and EMS Chief Kristi Sommer for the hour long meeting.

The mayor fielded questions from residents about stay at home orders and when the city would reopen. "To be able to understand what mitigating procedures are, how to keep yourself safe. What it means to stay home, to stay safe, to stay alive," said Mayor Roberson.

According to the Indiana Department of Health, Elkhart County  has 281 positive cases of Coronavirus with seven deaths. 

"The limitations that we have how do we manage that?" asked Chief Snyder. "How do we make sure people aren’t just driving around and potentially spreading the illness."

Mayor Roberson says he'll be following the guidelines Governor Eric Holcomb lays out at his press conference on Friday when it comes to reopening the city. "It’s not really what facility, it’s how they’re going to reopen and that’s something we’ve been talking about in our leadership group," said Mayor Roberson. 

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