Elkhart Mayor speaks on the city's deadly hit and run

NOW: Elkhart Mayor speaks on the city’s deadly hit and run

ELKHART, Ind.- It’s now been more than two weeks and the suspect in Elkhart’s deadly hit and run is still on the loose.
ABC57 news first told you the driver was heading down Beardsley Avenue in Elkhart when that suspect ran over five pedestrians. Three of them have died, including two children one of them just 8 months old.

The latest in this investigation remains the same. The vehicle was found days later at Yellow Dog Extrusions and the suspect is still on the loose.

Elkhart Mayor Tim Neese explained why the police department has not been able to give any new details.
“I am optimistic we’re going to have an individual that will be contacted with regard to this before too awful long,” says Mayor Neese.

“The Elkhart Police Department, they have been meeting, they have met in person, and they have had conversations with family members. So people should know that’s an ongoing investigation.”

Mayor Neese adds he does not tolerate crime in the city of Elkhart, “Any type of crime is too much in my opinion and I take it very personal. It’s a priority to me to get the crime down.”

But when it does happen, he wants those in the area to know they are safe. “I can assure people these have been isolated incidents. They should not fear for their safety.”

In relation to Elkhart’s deadly hit and run, that happened Saturday night, August 26th, Mayor Neese says he has had conversations with the family affected.

“I’ve had an opportunity to have two conversations with by phone with one of the family members,” he says. “So what might appear that there is not any conversation or communication is far from the truth.”

According to the mayor, if the police department were to reveal any information they have obtained in this hit and run or other crimes in Elkhart, they run the risk of jeopardizing tangible evidence.

The family tells ABC57 they want to make sure the detectives and officers involved in this case know they are confident in their ability to find the suspect, but also that they are grateful for everything they are doing.

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