Firefighter Travis Mahoney's name added to memorial wall

NOW: Firefighter Travis Mahoney’s name added to memorial wall


ELKHART, Ind. -- The City of Elkhart added the name Travis Mahoney to  its Police and Fire Memorial Wall Friday afternoon.

The wall lists members of police and fire departments who died in the line of duty.

Mahoney was a firefighter and paramedic who died from cancer on March 11, 2020. His passing strongly affected his coworkers.

"The fire department is one large family, and so as with every other family when you lose a member it really tugs at your heart," said David Cushwa, Division Chief of Operations at the fire department. "And we wanted to have his name on the wall remembering all of his service to the community, but also a way for his family and his children to say this is a place that he is remembered, and he will always be remembered".

Doctors say Mahoney's death was caused by toxic exposure of smoke or toxins from  a fire. He was 38 years old.

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