Elkhart Memorial's fight is sparking concern among parents

NOW: Elkhart Memorial’s fight is sparking concern among parents


ELKHART, Ind.- A fight that according to the superintendent only lasted seconds is now impacting hundreds.

The fight happened Friday at Elkhart Memorial and the video has been shared over 800 times on Facebook and now parents are asking themselves why the school didn’t reach out to them.

Imagine being the parent of one of these students at Memorial, randomly scrolling through Facebook, and finding a video of a fight at school.

Angela Lozano, parent to a junior at Memorial, says when that happened to her, she was speechless.

“Sadly he said it didn’t surprise him. It didn’t amaze him,” says Lozano. “Angry, scared, it makes me worry at the same time, because my kid goes to the school.How am I supposed to know that something like this isn’t going to happen again?”

Lozano says she’s shocked that administration at this school has not made any effort in contacting parents.

“They are their teachers, not their babysitters and they always tell us parents are their first teachers so why are we not being treated as first to know what’s going on,” asks Lozano.

She confirms that as of Monday afternoon, she has not received anything from the school

“I feel like they dropped the ball on this one on letting us know what’s going on.”

Elkhart Community Schools released a statement Monday morning explaining the incident and adding that the students involved are facing disciplinary action.

Lozano had a conversation with her son, and according to him, the school does not take situations like this serious enough.

“They should take more accountability for these children when they are starting just with the name calling,” says Lozano. “Get the parents involved. Get the teachers on board and stop it from the beginning.”

The statement from the school says they work to support their students and create a healthy environment, but Lozano says if she does not get a response by the school, she will personally go talk to the administration.

According to Elkhart PD five female students, 16 years of age and under, were arrested.

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