Elkhart native giving back to the community

NOW: Elkhart native giving back to the community


ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. -- One Michiana native is using her birthday to give back to the community where she grew up. The Birthday Give Back Bash will take place at the High Dive Park in Elkhart on Saturday, August 22 starting at 9 a.m.  

“Initially I wanted to do something in terms of beautification for the city. But, really, I just wanted to find something to bring us together to give back,” Elkhart native Ashley Elsasser said. 

Elsasser who is now living in Colorado will be back in her hometown this weekend to take part in the event.

"Who knows how this thing will evolve. But, I just think that it’s a movement that we should definitely start get going in our community," Elsasser said. "And make it a beautiful, wonderful thing to give back on the days where we’re supposed to be celebrating ourselves. We should be celebrating the communities where we came from."

For the past ten years, Elsasser lived her life through a motto that reads, I want to make a positive profound impact on humanity, and for her 30th birthday, she’s organizing a volunteer project with the help of Elkhart parks superintendent.

The Birthday Give Back Bash will consist of a volunteer project where volunteers can build flower boxes, plant flowers, paint light poles, and clean up trash around the park. Elsasser said the event on Saturday is open to the community. 

“I feel like, when we give, usually so much more is given back to us, and I think we all need something today. We all need love, we all need to feel connected," Elsasser said. "So, that’s just what I think is significant about this is that people are coming together who need something. They're coming together to give, and what they’ll receive in return, who knows but it’ll definitely be multiplied."


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