Elkhart neighborhood friendly with police officers

ELKHART, Ind. -- Lately, it seems like the violence in Ferguson, Missouri is painting a picture of the public's distrust in law enforcement. But one neighborhood in Michiana has a different look at the situation. 

The Benham Neighborhood in Elkhart has their share of problems but they work together with police. The people who live there are not only proud of where they live but they're friends with the police officers who patrol the area. 

Samuel Borum has lived in Elkhart all of his life. He says, the community is getting better. Unfortunately, no matter how much the city changes, crime still exists. "Now everybody wants to shoot each other," says Borum. 

But thanks to a heavy police presence, he says it's getting better, He believes the relationships he's built with the department have made it easier for officers to their jobs. 

"I respect their rules," says Borum. He believes going out of his way to respect officers' authority will go a long way towards keeping the peace on his porch. 


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