Elkhart nonprofit pulls out of amphitheater project

NOW: Elkhart nonprofit pulls out of amphitheater project

ELKHART, Ind. - There's been a $20 million blow to the plans for a public outdoor amphitheater in downtown Elkhart.

A nonprofit in Elkhart announced Thursday it's pulling out of the project and pulling its financial support as well.

The City of Elkhart envisions this development attracting A-list talent and boosting the local economy.

But the Elkhart AMP group announced it's pulling out of the project, as well as its $20 million gift. 

Lori Harris, President, and CEO of the Elkhart AMP group gave a statement saying:

“While this decision was not made lightly, the trust we imparted to the City of Elkhart has not been returned in kind, as we are no closer to a development agreement today, than we were last July when we delivered our first draft to the city.”

The City of Elkhart says regardless of the developer they partner with, they still have a vision for an outdoor music venue right next to the Lerner Theatre on the central green property.

Mayor Rod Roberson of Elkhart gave a statement saying:

“I am, have been, and will continue to be excited about the interest in that space enhancing Elkhart's reputation as a live music destination. As we have known from the beginning, this transformative project is an extraordinary opportunity for our downtown and will continue to work to achieve this goal.” 

The Elkhart AMP group tells ABC57 that they would have assumed 100% of the risk and funding for the venue.

They also say their economic study showed the proposed amphitheater would have boosted Elkhart's economy by a minimum of $8 to $10 million in its first year of operation.

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