Elkhart officials pave way for new waterfront plaza

ELKHART, Ind – Elkhart City officials and Indianapolis based REA are trying to transform Elkhart’s downtown space.  

On Tuesday Elkhart’s development commission passed a resolution to do a study on how this space can be improved for daily use and big events like the Elkhart Grand Prix and Jazz festival. 

“Members of the public ive spoken with, neighbors, friends, and that sort of thing really kind of want to keep the plaza open as an open space but the idea of turning the green space into a little bit more useable I think will appeal to a lot of people” Elkhart Redevelopment commissioner Sandy Schrieber said. 

The space would be developed by Indianapolis based Rundell Ernstburger Associates who showed slides of what the final product will look like. 

REA was picked after the city received 12 proposals. 

Monday’s voted cleared the way for the study which is expected to be finished by summerd

The study will examine how the design, cost and purpose fits with the city’s vision for the area.  

“We think that not only it be daily but as we say 18 – 8 – 365 day a year gathering space but typically it will also encourage and catalyze investment In the area” REA President Kevin Osburn said.  

Monday’s vote brings the city and REA one-step closer to starting and finishing the space that they anticipate would be open by 2021. 

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