Elkhart Owner gets a lot of Green for Golf Course

ELKHART, Ind. -- Steven Gruza has worked and played at Old Orchard golf course for 36 years.  "The first day I had a pick axe in my hand to plant ground seed," said Manager Steven Gruza.

On Wednesday, Gruza was forced to watch anxiously from his computer as the course was put up for auction online for a second time.

"It is not new to us.  It was auctioned in 2005.  The owners are obviously not happy with the way things are going to we are on the auction block to be sold again", said Gruza

Gruza says many golf courses are suffering right now in the down economy, but he hopes whoever buys the place does not turn it into a park or a wild-life preservation.  He says it would be a shame for Elkhart golfers.

"I would be more sad for my customers that love the place", said Gruza.  Gruza would like to see the course revitalized.  "I hope whoever aquires it has new ideas on where they would like to see this go," said Gruza.

He would like to make many new great memories at Old Orchard.  "Great memories from people having hole in ones, to all kinds of wild life, to the great people and customers we have. It's fantastic," said Gruza.


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