Elkhart Pastor wants to help the person who stole from her church

NOW: Elkhart Pastor wants to help the person who stole from her church


ELKHART, Ind. ---A local church is targeted by thieves twice in just two months.

Guidance Ministries church in Elkhart had their windows smashed and cash box stolen over the weekend but the pastor says she's not interested in pressing charges.

Pastor Lori King is actually more interested in getting help for the suspect than pursuing any kind of legal charges against them.

The burglary happened sometime Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

She walked in Sunday morning to find the front windows smashed and the donation boxed torn into pieces and the cash inside gone.

The church is well-known in the community for providing hot meals to those in need and lending a helping hand to the homeless in the area which is why King says she wants to help whoever broke into her church.

“It really breaks my heart because honestly whoever took it, the money is used for the various ministries that guidance ministries run, so they are taking maybe from themselves, but certainly from people who are in need because that is what we used the money for,” King says.

King also says she understands whoever broke into the church was probably in a desperate situation but she wants them to know she's willing to help find that person a job even proving them with food and clothing if needed.

All they have to do is stop by the church during normal hours.

"We have to forgive them and just let it go and let God deal with that."

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