Elkhart P.D. shares tips for keeping teens safe this summer following shooting

ELKHART, Ind. -- Two teens are recovering after they were shot in the McDonald’s drive through on Main Street in Elkhart.

As police investigate, they told ABC57 how they hope to keep teens out of violence this summer, with schools getting out last week.

The victims, a 16-year-old-girl and 15-year-old-boy say they got shot at the drive through Sunday evening.

People who live and work in the area hope this doesn’t start a summer trend.

No arrests have been made in the shooting that happened near a strip of popular restaurants, shops, and concerned neighbors.

Lt. Wayne Bias with the Elkhart Police Department has worked in the city with a heart for more than three decades.

More than half of them he’s spent trying to keep kids off the streets.

He shared a number of programs to keep kids busy, fed, and safe this summer through the parks and school system.

"Best advice I'd give the parents is know where your kids are and have them check in periodically throughout the day to make sure they are okay. Kids say they don't want rules, but they definitely want rules, and like to know someone is checking in on them,” said Bias.

The brand-new Tolson Center will also be open this summer for teens.

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