Elkhart Police Chief future in the air as he serves 30 day suspension

ELKHART, Ind. — Elkhart Police Chief Ed Windbigler is two weeks into a 30-day suspension, according to a department spokesman. That suspension is unpaid and went into effect November 14th.

“It was my decision. It was mine alone. I contacted him the same day as the suspension, told him I wanted to talk about the January video and went into his office. It was just him and I. I indicated, um, effective immediately, he would have a 30 day unpaid suspension.” Mayor Tim Neese said.

This comes after video surfaced showing Elkhart officers punching a handcuffed suspect. The incident happened in January, but the video didn’t surface until this month and no punishment was levied against the officers involved until November either. Two officers now face battery charges and punishment within the police department.

When asked if Windbigler would return as chief, Neese said “I don’t know. I’m still assessing a lot with regard to the chief of police as well as others involved in the incident.”

Earlier this month, Mayor Tim Neese said he had punished Windbigler but did not say how. But Neese said he had full confidence in Windbigler.

Assistant Chief Todd Thayer is acting chief while Windbigler is on suspension.

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