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Elkhart stabbing victim family member debunks pieces of love triangle


ABC 57 learned new information in the gruesome Elkhart crime spree in which two women were stabbed, a child was hurt, three people died in a house fire, and one person died in a car fire early Monday morning.

A family member, along with neighbors of one of the stabbing victims, 30-year-old Maria Miranda, told ABC 57 that while some aspects of the reported love triangle are accurate, one piece of the puzzle isn’t adding up.

She told ABC 57 Miranda is Francisco Macias’ estranged wife, but they split up when Miranda found out he was cheating on her with his second stabbing victim, 33-year-old Maria Aceituno Sanchez.

The family member said what is not true in the circulating reports are accusations of Miranda having an affair with someone in the Aguilar’s home on 1108 Grant Street.

That home was firebombed, and police have named Macias as a person of interest, but said at this point there is not enough evidence to identify him as the perpetrator.

The family member said instead, a person inside of the home exposed Macias’ affair to Miranda, and that may be why Macias would have targeted the home.

Someone threw a 20-pound propane tank rigged with an explosive into the house. Police  have named Macias as a person of interest, but have said at this point, there is not enough evidence to identify him as the perpetrator.

Police also do not know if it was Macias’ body that burned in a car registered under his name after the crime spree.

The car is believed to have erupted into flames because of a similar explosive that was thrown into the house.

Three people died in the house fire; Jose Aguilar, 38, and his two sons, 7-year-old Adolfo and 13-year-old Ricardo.

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