Elkhart student has years of perfect attendance

ELKHART, Ind -- It's been 12 years since Elkhart high school student, Hannah Goldsborough has missed a day of school.

The high school senior has attended Woodland elementary, West Side middle school, and Elkhart high school, and not once has she missed a day of school. 

Even during the pandemic.

"Definitely through cold seasons and stuff like that. And especially through COVID it was harder with all the internet and the hybrid schedule." said Hannah Goldsborough.

Hannah says that the past year was rough.

Not only being responsible for attending class but, being a member of the softball and basketball team, managing the boy's wrestling team, and being a leader for the school's Junior R.O.T.C. program.

In addition, Hannah went through struggles while working from home just as many other students.

Only difference is, her perfect streak of attendance was at risk. 

"Especially since I was hybrid, if I would have gotten COVID I wouldn’t have been able to go to school and that would have definitely messed up my attendance." said Goldsborough.

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