Elkhart teens build bed for family in need

NOW: Elkhart teens build bed for family in need

ELKHART, Ind.—The Michiana Pay it Forward Foundation, the Teen Homeschool Pay It Forward Club and Sleep In Heavenly Peace have all joined forces to build a bed for the children of a family in need.

The donated beds are given to families who have suffered a natural disaster or those families that struggle financially.

“The homeschool teen Pay it Forward Club is gonna come out and build a bed today to help somebody that doesn’t have a bed. A child that doesn’t have a bed. I saw the idea on Facebook and I took the idea back to our kids and I’m like hey this looks like a really neat organization is this something we wanna do they were all for it," said Debbie Micola, Excutive Director of Michiana Pay It Forward.

“We look for community donations, whether it be individual donations or corporate donations, and then we take that and we hand build beds. When we deliver beds we deliver it complete. We go in and we set it up, we make the bed for them, their sheets, blankets, comforters, we put it all together so when we leave that kid has a bad to sleep in that night,” said Tim Harmon, Sleep In Heavenly Peace Chapter President.

"I've done a few things with pay it forward, similar things, helping with food pantry things like that. This is my first time building a bed. I've done benches and things like that. They need these beds so then they can be warm comfortable while they sleep. I think that's very important for just the average human being to help them," said Teddy Heckamen, Teen member of Pay It Forward Teen

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