Elkhart walk-in vaccine clinic helping more residents get vaccinated

ELKHART COUNTY, Ind. – Hundreds of people came out to the Tolson Community Center earlier today to get that one and done vaccine.

Coordinator Trina Harris said they chose the center because it’s a staple in the Elkhart community.

“Most of the community black and brown feel comfortable in coming to Tolson, they know what Tolson is about,” Harris said.

Hundreds of Hoosiers lined up for this walk-in vaccine clinic in Elkhart Saturday. Rolling up their sleeves, for the one and done Johnson and Johnson. With the goal of vaccinating those in the black and brown communities. Something Harris said is important because of a history of disparity within the healthcare system in minority communities.

“We’re trying to reach herd immunity, and unfortunately here in Elkhart County, our numbers are going back up. So, it's imperative that everyone is vaccinated and this initiative is geared towards those in the black and brown communities,” Harris said.

For one Elkhart resident getting the shot wasn’t a question, she was nervous about it because of the potential side effects, but, after contracting COVID-19 twice in 2020 she said it was the best decision to make.

"After having COVID, and being hospitalized, back and forth to the hospital it was a very, very, very very bad experience and we just don’t want to have to go through that again,” Pamela McGregor said.

366 people received the vaccine at the Tolson Community Center. The next walk-in vaccine clinic is scheduled for April 20, 2021, at the Tolson Community Center.

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