Elkhart mayor defends Elkhart's police pursuit policy after two deadly police pursuits

NOW: Elkhart mayor defends Elkhart’s police pursuit policy after two deadly police pursuits


ELKHART, Ind – Elkhart’s Mayor Tim Neese spoke out to ABC57 on Tuesday in support of Elkhart’s police department after two police pursuits ended in the death of two suspects.

According to Elkhart County Prosecutors on June 9th a domestic incident involving Michael Mattox led to him taking the victim’s car.

Mattox’s led the police on a pursuit involving Sergeant Ryan Huff which ended in Mattox colliding with another vehicle then crashing into a post office, Mattox later died from his injuries.

On June 15th another deadly pursuit ensued with the Elkhart Police Department with Kory Wright.

Wright who has had multiple traffic violations led police on a chase that ended near Bristol Street and County Road 5, Wright later died.

“It’s important to remember that when a police pursuit occurs emotions are very high and you have to keep everything in perspective which includes the safety of the officer as well as the public,” Elkhart’s Mayor Tim Neese said.

Mayor Neese said the investigation has been turned over to the Homicide Division and he doesn’t know when the investigation will be completed and findings made public.

Mayor Neese also urged the Elkhart community to have faith in him and the police department even through the department’s tough times.

“Well those that have confidence in the Elkhart Police Department I think that’s the opinion of the vast majority of people whether it’s the Elkhart Police Department or law enforcement in general it’s a very difficult job I could sit here all day and talk about how difficult it is but not fully appreciate it because I’ve never been in law enforcement those that may not have confidence I ask that they understand and stop and think about the decisions that law enforcement has to make,” Neese said.  

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