Elkhart's Plan Commission will not support the $18 million apartment complex plan

NOW: Elkhart’s Plan Commission will not support the $18 million apartment complex plan


Last month ABC57 News told you some Elkhart realtors say something needs to be done to keep up with the demand. As soon as a home hits the market it's sold.

So why didn't an $18 million apartment complex proposal get the green light from the city's plan commission?

There's a subdivision in the area where the developer wants to put this complex and the housing association doesn't want a neighbor.

The city council will still get a chance to review the plan and, Paul Phair, the vice president of this development isn’t giving up.

“It doesn’t feel good there’s no doubt about that. But we’re going to see what we can do to try and keep it moving forward,” he said.

Phair’s project has hit a brick wall. He wants to build an $18 million apartment complex right near the intersection of Osolo Road and Henke Street on Elkhart’s Northeast side, just blocks from Woodland Estates.

There is not one main issue but there are many multiple ones that are equality important,” says Robert Jackson, President of the Woodland Estates Homeowner’s Association.

Although this development would include nine multi-family apartment buildings, a total of 216 apartments, Jackson says, “It’s just an impossible situation. It would be a win for them and a loss for us and we can’t do that.”

Number one it’s going to put a cap on our property values. There will be tremendous amount of increased traffic flow. We have no sidewalks a lot of the people here walk,” added Jackson.

Elkhart’s Plan Commission heard from multiple people on Monday and after hearing from both sides they agreed with Woodland Estates.

There was a plan made, people bought into that plan and now they’re being asked for a huge change that changes their entire neighborhood,” said Carol McDowell who’s on the Plan Commission board.

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