End of season robotics competition shows Stem's popularity in Michiana

NOW: End of season robotics competition shows Stem’s popularity in Michiana


CASSOPOLIS, Mich – The robotics competition season wrapped up with 13 teams competing against each other at Ross Beatty High School Saturday.

RBHSheld hundreds of people, who love STEM, which stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

The robotics competition saw people from as far away as Heartland, Michigan compete for one of the trophies.

“I think robotics is so important to teach students about stem and engineering and especially problem solving because when you come here it is not always going to flow smoothly and perfectly and you have to learn how to react to situations that happen to you and I think it teaches kids how to do that with a clear mind,” said RBHS student Amelia Ayer.

The competitor’s robots were required to detect color, stack cubes, and other difficult tasks.

“It forces you to interact with people and it just makes you more confident because no one here is going to bring you down for anything, they’re not making fun of you and you can just feel confident in that you know what you’re doing,” said Ayer.

According to the event’s coordinator and Coach Steve Mammel Robotics competitions at this level began in 2005 and robotics competitions in this area started in 1987.

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