Endangered animals born at Potawatomi Zoo

Photo Courtesy of Potawatomi Zoo

Photo Courtesy of Potawatomi Zoo

Photo Courtesy of Potawatomi Zoo

SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Two Chacoan peccaries were born at Potawatomi Zoo! You can see them in their habitat by the Picnic Grove, weather depending.

The mother of the peccaries, whose name is Salt, gave birth to them on February 22.

“Chacoan peccaries are endangered in their native habitat, the Gran Chaco region of South America, so we’re very excited to be a part of this animal’s Species Survival Plan,” Josh Sisk said, executive director of the Potawatomi Zoo. “Very little is known about the way these animals breed and raise their young, so we have the opportunity to add to the knowledge base and hopefully help this species someday recover in the wild.”

The Species Survival Plan (SSP) recommended the breeding. The SSP is a program developed by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums which aims at managing the population of select species.

The Potawatomi Zoo is working in conjunction with conservation organizations in Paraguay in order to help repopulate the species and release them into the wild.

Although peccaries resemble pigs, what makes them different are their teeth, their skeletal structure and the scent glands along their backside.

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