Erasing Meanness

With bullying becoming more and more common within the classroom one local teacher is taking a stand to erase meanness. 

Eric Johnson, 6th grade teacher at La Salle Elementary, began the Erase Meanness organization in 2012.

The purpose has been to give students tools and insights to Erase Meanness in their lives. Johnson does this through movies, classroom discussions, and other interactive activities in the classroom. 

Johnson says, "For me personally it was partly because of the feelings that I had from when I was younger. I still remember the names of the people that were mean to me and I'm a grown man. I have a house, I have a career and so those things from that age are are still a part of my mosaic and who I am. I don't think anyone wants to be remembered as mean."

Through his blogging and social media presence, teachers all over the globe are now adapting his methods to erase meanness.

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