Erosion on Beverly Shores

What use to be a view for beach goers in Beverly shores, is now blocked by orange fencing.

After a storm on June 1st, the beach that lies in front of the lake view picnic area, was literally washed away .  

The beaches already being narrow, makes any erosion noticeable. 

The picnic area is still usable, and there are large portions of the beach that are accessible for now.

According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the water levels in the Great Lakes rose more in between January 2013 and November of last year than any other two year period.

Now researchers aren't sure when the water levels will go back down

In 2015 alone, Lake Michigan has risen nine inches.

This comes after roughly 15 years of low water levels.

Most of the beach is still usable for now, but experts will be keeping an eye on the fast-eroding  lake shore

While the high water levels are bad for beach goers, its actually great news for boaters who don't have to worry about getting stuck in shallow marinas!

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