ESPN analyst says Clemson will beat Notre Dame

NOW: ESPN analyst says Clemson will beat Notre Dame

ARLINGTON, Texas—ESPN Analyst and Former Alabama quarterback, Greg McElroy, spoke with ABC 57’s Allison Hayes about most experts’ opinion that the Tigers are set to beat the Irish.

“They’re very good on the perimeter and they have some disruptive pieces up front, but I’m not sure they’ve seen a wide receiver corp quite as talented as they’re going to see when they face off against Clemson,” McElroy said.

“The biggest key is going to be making sure that that defensive line for Clemson, you’re not going to be able to just contain them, four wide, and you can’t just sit there and block them all day long.”

McElroy told Hayes that while he believes it will be a close game, he thinks Clemson will win, even saying that Clemson could beat his Alma Mater, Alabama, in the national championship.

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