Every teacher in Indiana recognized as Teacher of the Year

NOW: Every teacher in Indiana recognized as Teacher of the Year


SOUTH BEND, Ind. – Due to the extraordinary challenges brought upon by COVID-19, the Indiana Department of Education is bestowing the 2021 Teacher of the Year award on every Indiana educator.

2021 is the first year where every teacher will be honored with the award.

ABC57 spoke to Carolyn Hartley, a music teacher at Beiger Elementary, and she said that her colleagues have done everything they can to provide their students with a quality education despite all the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Well I think it’s important, I think that during the time we’ve been at home, there’s been a lot of feeling not useful, not feeling as connected and maybe like our kids are missing out a little bit,” Hartley said. “And maybe we’re not reaching everybody. So to be recognized for the hard work that we have been doing during this time, I think is very important.”

The announcement was made on Tuesday, even after many school districts in Indiana have been narrowing down their choices for Teacher of the Year.

The normal process of nominating and selecting candidates for Teacher of the Year will resume for 2022.

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