Experts provide advice for virtual job interviews

NOW: Experts provide advice for virtual job interviews

SOUTH BEND, Ind. -- According to experts, virtual job interviews and recruiting are likely the new normal for a while. The virtual option is more convenient and efficient for employers, but even so, can be difficult on people to express themselves via a computer screen.  There are three tips to remember when taking part in a virtual interview:

First, similarly to an in-person interview, know the details of the job description and the employer.

Second, avoid distractions. Put the dog away, turn off the phone, limit any distraction you might have in your environment.

And third, delivery. Find good lighting in your house. Maybe sit in front of a natural light from a window, so that you are well seen.  Ryan Willerton with the University of Notre Dame’s Career and Professional development tells ABC57 another simple trick? Smile and…pause.

“Smile and pause. It is okay to smile and pause. Sometimes when we get nervous we just want to talk as fast,” says Willerton. “Focus your attention on the camera. This is another tip I share with friends, don’t focus where the person is on the screen, rearrange your window so that individual is right under the camera screen so as your talking your talking to the person you’re talking to their face. You’re not talking to the side of your screen and down here.”

He also explains because it is virtual there is one advantage…notes. Keep notes all around your environment for any points you would like to remember in the conversation. Virtual interviews are all about the environment around you, not just your screen.

“You do not need to have them in your office. Having them in a living room really shows who you are everyone accepts that we are working form home days these days, and everyone accepts are homes are different and that not everyone has the fanciest office. When I have my work from home days in my dining room, and I have pictures of my family in the background, it actually brings up a conversation starter. When you are thinking about who you are as a person thinking about the setting behind you and what that says as a person may just be the most memorable thing from a video interview,” says Willerton.  


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