Experts warn of weather dangers for fireworks this week

NOW: Experts warn of weather dangers for fireworks this week

ST. JOSEPH COUNTY, Ind. -- With the cancellations of fireworks shows throughout Michiana, many families and friends may just want to enjoy fireworks by themselves, but officials warn this weekend could also be a recipe for the wrong kind of fiery situations.

At Rocket Science fireworks warehouse in Osceola, the absence of July 4 fireworks shows means more individual sales.

“They’re actually safer in a somewhat stable temperature,” owner Bill Langford said.

It all means there’s more safety to keep in mind, especially with not nearly enough rain to keep grass from catching fire, as Clay Township Fire Marshal David Cheronne wants make clear.

“The ground below is soaked (from recent rain), but batches and all the ground cover up above is still dry,” Cheronne said. “The other thing is wind; two things people need to pay attention to when they’re using their fireworks.”

“We expect that when this weekend comes, we will probably be going on more of the brushfires. And as what always seems to happen for like the last 20-something years, there will be some structure somewhere in the county that gets set on fire because of either misused, or misguided fireworks.”

Cherrone said that one way to be absolutely sure your used fireworks don’t start a fire is simply dousing some water on them and letting it soak on a level surface.

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